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Girl Gone Wild

Release Date Chart Position Weeks on chart
Japan 19th March 2012 digital    
US 2nd March 2012 digital 38 - US Pop song chart  
UK May 14th 2012 Physical release 73 1

Probably one ot the catchiest tracks from MDNA, with one of the best videos ever from Madonn but..... it's chart performance absolutely dismal. This should've been a No.1 smash hit, reminiscent of her 'Hung Up' / 'Sorry' days so what went wrong.

Released as a digital single in the USA itunes as early as March, and from then on very sparodically released throughout the rest of the world, by which time I'm sure UK fans had downloaded it on sharing sites. On a final UK release with a phyiscal release of 1 CD and 12" picture disc the moment for the single really had passed, the video had been out for about a month and it's time was over, hence no.73 on the UK charts.

Several weeks later a 'remix' CD is issued in Europe, I don't understand why all formats & videos are not released at the same time to gain maximum impact in the 1st week.

Items in my personal collection.




  1. Album version
  2. Justin Cognito Extended Remix


EU 'Remixes' CD


  1. Avich's UMF mix
  2. Dave Aude Remix
  3. Justin Cognito Remix
  4. Kim Fai REmix
  5. Lucky Date Remix
  6. Offer Nissim Remix
  7. DADA Life Remix
  8. Rebirth Remix

EU 12" Picture Disc


  1. Album version
  2. Justin Cognito Extended Remix
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