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Sticky & Sweet Tour extension 2009


The show began about 9:30pm and to my surprise some of the audience were actually booing, if I was Madonna I'd have come out and said Fuck the lot of you!. Anyway suddenly the lights went out and the video sequence of the gob stopper begun and then...C.A.N.D.Y and there Madonna appeared to go straight into the song Candy Shop.

I have to admit I didn't notice the new version of the costume but the screen was filled with coloured liquid and a pair of lips which was pretty cool. The beat goes on was a funky head nodder with a massive Kanye West on the screens.

Vogue was just as I remember from 2008, a fantastic mix of 4 minutes and Vogue with brilliant cheography throughout. Skipping through the ropes of Into the groove came the Michael Jackson tribute moment were his tracks were playing in a medly while Madonna looked onto one of the dancers in perfect Jackson get up busting some moves and a moonwalk, finishing on images on MJ and Madonna saying Long live the King!. The first song replacement Holiday came in place of Heartbeat. This was a great version and somewhat unexpected, Madonnas vocals were put through a vocader from about half way through.

A surprise came next as Borderline was replaced with the guitar driven Dress you Up which went down a treat, She's not me came next and has turned into one of my favourites, however my most favourite perfoemance of the night has to be Devil wouldn't recognize you, so theatrical and captivating, beginning with the Rain video interlude then into the piano solo was just thrilling to watch.

My favourite outfit of the night is the black and pink of the Latin section, with Spanish Lesson, Miles Away and La Isla Bonita. To end this section was the delicate and beautiful You must love me which I think everyone was shouting WE LOVE YOU (I know I was) this track gave me the shivers last year and it didn't fail again this year.

4 Minutes then Like A Prayer which turned the place into a nightclub, I love love love this version, I was unsure the first time I heard it but now I love it! Frozen then had great dance moves and a different arrangement. The night finished on Give it to me, the blow up dance crazy version, Madonna in glasses and Pharrell images flashing.

Madonna didn't speak much but that was fine, I thought she sung well, very strong vocals for You must love me. It also occured to me just how small and petit Madonna actually is. I enjoyed the entire night, my final words are...Long live my Queen, you insprie me and I love you.


Tour Programme 2009

Includes extra pages of photos from the 2008 leg of the tour, as well as an updated set list / country list.

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