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Re-Invention Tour

19th August 2004 Earls Court UK

Review -

I found 'The Beast within' intro quite daunting the first time I watched, although I couldn't take my eyes off the video screens. Once we were going full steam into Vogue the audience felt more comfortable and had really enjoyed Madonna's entrance. 'Nobody knows me' was a real head nodder and once 'American Life' hit the speakers well the crowd had gone mental. A favourite moment for me was the real hard edge, guitar backed 'Burning Up' - a fantastic re-invention of this track. The jazzy downtown feel of 'Deeper and Deeper' was beautiful, 'imagine', 'groove' and the fan dedicated 'crazy for you' were all excellent and we finished on the signature tune 'Holiday' which felt so much more disco than ever before, what a fantastic way to end the show!.

Some of my photos :

Entrance Music

Into the groove Holiday



22nd August 2004 Wembly Arena UK

Review -

So now I was ready for the Beast and I loved it, what an opener, so deep so dark and yet with hope...all mixed together. The show altogether was a good mix of old and new, tunes were re-modled, songs were re-arranged, yet with all the elements of why they were masterpieces in the first place. Mother and Father with a touch of Intervention was beautifull sang with Madonna on the guitar. Lament was just a show stopper for me, how imaginative to include a 2 minute song from Evita where the words were so fitting for Madonna. This then went into brand new video footage for Bedtime story where Madonna looked amazing in white. Once again I couldn't reist the power of Music and Holiday joined together like a tour de force!!!!.

Some of my photos :

Entrance Vogue

American Life Deeper & Deeper