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Hard Candy Promotional Tour

Saturday 10th May 208 Mote Park Maidstone Kent UK

Review -

OK so I'd been bad and watched the New York promotional leg on the internet, so I knew what to expect. There was about an hours wait until Madonna appeared onstage and the tent was packed and more people were coming in. All of a sudden Fern Cotton was onstage and introducing Madonna's DJ who was going to warm us up, I think we were all sweating by this point anyway!

The DJ played some tunes then he started playing tracks with 'Candy' in the title so I knew she was coming, 50 cent's Candy Shop, New Edition's 'Candy Girl' then over the speaker came the letters C.A.N.D.Y and Madonna appeared on her throne to the heavy drum beat of her very own 'Candy Shop' which was hypnotic.

Sliding into 'Miles Away', Madonna really sang from the heart and the video images of planes, tickets, destinations and the world was ingenious and captivating. Then came the sound of Timbaland and the crowd went wild as we knew it was going to be 4 minutes, minus Justin Timberlake Madonna still performed with movable screens accross the stage where Justin appeared on them. A rocky Hung Up came next with Madonna on guitar and she tried to include the audience into the new version, Give it to me then followed with a very 80's feel about the beat and routine which I really enjoyed.

Last track performed was a remix version of Music including 'put your hands up for detroit' which I'm not too sure how well it worked but it had it's good points, Madonna sported goofy glasses throughout the track and all looked like they were enjoying performing. Overall the show was good if not a little reliant sometimes too much on a backing track. The atmosphere however was electric and I really was taken with the show.

Some press photos: (taken from NewYork)