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I started my website in 2002 as I couldn't really find a decent discography site, I'm sure there were some but I just couldn't find them, however my site holds my collection as a reference point for myself and anyone else who collects to enjoy it and refer to it.

I first discovered Madonna in 1986 via the 'True Blue' single and since then I've been hooked. I'm inspired by her performances and enjoy all her music, the collecting bug has always been in my family as my father collects Bing Crosby.

I've seen Madonna in concert 9 times starting with 'The Girlie Show' back in 1993 when I was just 16 years old. I couldn't possibly choose favourite songs / albums / films etc... as depending on the mood they are all equal, however here are some facts...

First Single - True Blue

First Album - True Blue

First Concert - The Girlie Show

First Movie - Shanghai Surprise

First time Madonna shocked me - When she said 'Fuck', 16 times on Radio 1 (I was only 13)

Most proud Madonna moment - When the world loved her for her performance in Evita

Some tracks that I play more than perhaps others - Oh Father / Keep it together / Burning Up / Secret / Dress you up / Something to Remember / Gambler / Sooner or Later / Nothing Really Matters / Deeper and deeper...(it's endless really)

Live versions I love - Sky fits heaven DW tour / Holiday BA tour / Vogue SS tour / Lucky Star WTG tour / Gambler Virgin tour / Why's it so hard Girlie tour / Devil wouldn't recognise you SS tour.

Video singles I love - Nothing really matters / Rain / La Isla Bonita / Don't tell me

Some favourite items in my collection : Music lunchbox and flask / Counter displays / Virgin era mirrors / Dear Jessie picture disc CD.


I hope you have enjoyed looking through my site and I hope you enjoy collecting Madonna as much as I do




A word of thanks:

My collection would not be possible without the help of friends and family and over the years I have been given many wonderful items from people who know about my fascination for Madonna, so in no particular order, thank you to:

Chris, Simon, Sharon, Mum, Dad, Rich, Jo, James, Rob, Nicola, Paul, Dan, Jon, Satoko, Lorraine, Alex, Alison, Colin, my Aunt & Uncle, Nicola, Ged, Wendy, Laura, Jonny, Sarah.