Paper and Card items

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6" X 5" Promotional Postcard for Ray of light album - 1998. Click for larger image


Blond Ambition sticker from Boytoy / Winterland productions.1990

Sticker set from BoyToy / Winterland productions 1987. Click for larger image.


Set of 12 stamps from Khakassia (Year 2000) (Not sure if these are official however very nice).

Cinema tickets from Odeon for Dick Tracy with advert on the back, click for larger image. 1990.

Promotional postcards for MaxFactor make up.

In bed with Madonna sticker. 1991

ProSet super stars set of 6 collectable cards. ProSet inc.1991 Numbers 78 - 83.

NME music newspaper Madonna playing card. Click for larger image.
2 Madonna phonecards advertising the Tokyo Dome where Madonna played in concert.
Promotional postcard from local Essex club for an 80's night. Click for larger image. 2004