Memorabilia Items


Ray of Light Promotional torch, A promotional item from 1998 for the Ray of light album.



Pepsi Can from 1989, a promotional tool before Pepsi pulled it's sponsorship deal over the Like A Prayer video.



Remixed & Revisited 'dart men', a promotional item to thow at a dart board. (Dart board still to find)


A 4 set coater box to promote 'Celebrtion' Official merchandise


'Confessions' charm bracelet made especially for the London dates, one of the pieces says 'London'.


'Celebration' Mug to promote the album, official merchandise.


Gold Framed Like A Virgin single with 5 collectible Madonna guitar plectrums.


Confessions on a dancefloor record slip mat (set of 2) 2006


Erotica / SEX book record slip mat to put on your turntable. From approx 1993 / 1994.


Drowned World Tour UK match books 2001


The Girlie Show tour produced these lovely match books. 1993


The Girlie Show Japan leg of the tour produced this set of 6 beautiful coasters with a green velvet base. 1993

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The Girlie Show eye view, shows a picture of Madonna holding a blow up animal.
Virgin era mug
Justify my love mug


Reinvention tour mug


True Blue era pillow given to me by my friend Simon.


Virgin era pillow / cusion


Blond Ambition big hanging wall banner.


Who's that Girl official BoyToy merchandise, ringbinder 1987.


Official BoyToy Nesting Dolls, capturing Madonna throughout the years. Each set is numbered, mine is 1366 of 5000.

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Madonna condoms produced by Madonna Nudes 1979, in 1990. I bought these in Amsterdam.


Madonna perfume 'Eau de parfum for Lady' Paris. Produced by Madonna Nudes 1979, in 1990. Made in France.

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Coaster with 2006 image from 'Laughter Revolution'.