'Sexual Exposure' Double CD recording of Blond Ambition Concert from the UK, excellent sound recording. RPCD 2034/2044


  • 'Blond Ambition Dallas'
  • Released by 'The Godfather Records'
  • Recorded in Dallas, USA at the Reunion Arena May 7th 1990
  • Does not include 'Where's the party or Keep it together'
  • Cat. no. G.R.271


'Material Girl - Madonna Live' , Recorded live USA 1990, Blonde Ambition Tour, contains 13 tracks. Cat. number LL15489, produced in 1993, country of manufacture not stated. Perfect sound quality recording. 'Live Line' label.


'Music' , Contains entire Music' album + 5 extra tracks - 'Nothing really matters', 'Ray of light', 'Papa don't preach', 'Don't cry for me Argentina' and 'Holiday'. Cat. number C-14, year and country of manufacture not stated but does say 'distributed by Emperor Entertainment Group / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysia / Canada' . Thick cover full of re-produced pictures and lyrics with hundreds of spelling mistakes making me believe this is a bootleg, perfect quality sound.


'Brixton Academy' CD . Contains Intro / Impressive instant / Runaway lover / Don't tell me / What it feels like / Holiday / Music + Music / The power of good-bye / Ray of light from MTV award shows.

Cat.no. MMBAL 281100, country & year of manufacture not stated. Most likely UK & 2000


'Crazy for you' CD single contains Maximised version / 7" version / Live version / Stay extended version / Pretender extended version.

Cat.no. 6323CD, produced in the UK 2007.

'Gambler' CD single contains 7" version / Extended dance version / Instrumental version / Live version / Over and over extended version.

Cat.no. CD6585, produced in the UK 2007.