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American Life

Release Date Chart Position Weeks on chart
US April 2003 1 10
UK April 21st 2003 1 19

Total worldwide sales : 3.5 million

The album made the no.1 spot in the folowing countries:

Brazil / Canada / Estonia / France / Germany / Greece / Hong Kong /Italy / Lebanon/ Mexico Norway / Sweden / Switzerland / South Korea / Taiwan

Madonna's electronic / acoustic album released while the world was at war got shoved to one side, on initial release it was no.1 around the world but sales dried up fast and the singles from it faried only reasonably well, the album as a whole does not focus on the war but it was perceived as doing so because of the lead off single 'American Life', she was seen as anti-bush / anti-america and so the US turned their back on her.

American Life / Hollywood / I'm so stupid / Love Profusion / Nobody knows me / Nothing fails / Intervention / X-Static process / Mother and Father / Die another day / Easy ride

Items from my personal collection


German CD

For UK sale

9362 48454 2


German CD

'Clean version'

9362 48476-2


US Limited edition CD box set


  • Box 1" deep, contains double sided poster and miniature stamps. Was actually released the day of the standard CD although many music sites quoted 28th April


Double vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve.

Made in Germany


'Nothing fails' is mistakenly printed as 'Nothing Falls' on the back of the cover.


French double CD

American Life / Remixed & Revisited.

9362 486732

Individual disc numbers -

AL 9362 48439-2 / RR 9362-48624-2